Founded in 1983, Kimteks is a chemical raw material supplier for a diverse set of end markets. It offers its customers tailor-made solutions through its wide range of distribution channels, technical know-how and services, financial capabilities and R&D investments. Kimteks operates distribution of raw materials for plastics, coating, rubber, paint, textile industries.

Kimteks sources raw materials from major global chemical manufacturers mainly through its exclusive agency and distribution agreements. Its industry expertise and comprehensive product portfolio have enabled Kimteks to develop strong long-term relationships with both its suppliers and customers. Kimteks acts as the one-stop-shop for the main markets it services through its supply chain management expertise, financial strength, product know-how.

Having started its operations with the World leader suppliers of chemical raw materials, Kimteks has been continuously expanding its product range through new partnerships and has always preserved its Notion of quality and service since its foundation. Kimteks is one of the first companies to provide distributorship service in Turkey.

Having adopted the Win-Win-Win principle, Kimteks aims for sustainability of its success and leadership through giving great importance to both foreign and local customer satisfaction and its unique quality perspective.

Kimteks Corporate Video

“Kimteks acts with Win-Win-Win principle and aims to perpetuate its success and leadership with its sense of quality and importance that it gives to local and foreign customer satisfaction.”